Lemoyne-West Shore
1207 Market St. • Lemoyne PA 17043
(717) 761-6767 • Mon-Sat 10-6
We consign daily!

 2 EASY ways to bring in items:

"Walk-In's" every morning between 10-2 with 1-15 items:

No appointment needed! You stay while we screen! Right away, you'll get back hangers, returns, etc. 


“Drop & Run's" every afternoon between 2-6 with 20-50 items:

No appointment needed! We call you when finished! You have a week to stop in for hangers, returns, etc. 


Our "drop & run's" are designed for a minimum of 20-50 items only. This system is not designed for late "walk-in's." Each person and their "drop" is handled individually based on the quality of items, how well previous items have sold, and their relationship with staff. Please understand, we have the right to refuse any "Drop & Run." This system is not for everyone. Your "drop" must be wrinkle-free, smell freshly laundered & be of current style, stain free with clean collars; especially on shirts, coats & blazers. (Please reverse collars to check for 'lines from hanging'). "Drop & Run's" must have all buttons, clean pockets, no deodorant marks & with working zippers. Items must be "Like New." If you are expecting feedback on why we were unable to accept something, then our "walk-in" systerm is best for you.

We must accept the majority of items you "drop" or you will not be allowed to "drop" again. Our time is extremely valuable, as is yours, and we don't want either of us to waste it.

We track your "drop:"

"How many screened vs. How many accepted.' This determines whether or not future "drop's" will be acceptd. This may sound harsh, but again, our time is extremely valuable, as is yours, and we don't want either of us to waste it. Our guideline is based on "what sells" in our shop. Our purchasing customers set our acceptance guidelines. They buy the name brand items that are in "like new" condition!


“Do’s & Don’ts:”

q  Do take items in on hangers, in sturdy reusable bags or plastic bins.

q  Do take items that are freshly laundered, tossed with dryer sheet or dry cleaned.

q  Do take items in that are wrinkle-free. All items must look "like new."

q  Do take items in that are in season. It’s a 60 day consignment period.

q  Do screen & prepare your items prior to your visit. It’ll pay off.


X   Don’t take items that have a musty smell, mothball smell or smoke smell.

X   Don’t take items that have been stored & not freshly laundered or tossed.

X   Don’t take items that are outdated (they are hard-sellers & will be refused.

X   Don’t take items that have stains, missing buttons or require mending.

X   Don’t take items in plastic grocery bags, garbage bags or ‘flimsy’ boxes.



“Time spent preparing items is worth it when they sell & you receive your 40% in cash.”

"No need to take pictures, sell on-line, upload to the internet, take measurements, write descriptions, price, answer emails & ship! Just take in your items and they do the rest!"

If you have any comments, questions or need an exception,

please send an email to owner:


Wears Like New, inc.

1207 Market St. Lemoyne

(717) 761-6767

Mon-Sat 10-6!

ONE GREAT LOCATION! We won "Simply the Best" consignment shop! Come in to shop & consign & see why! We're on corner of 12th & Market! We're between the Camp Hill "Pennsylvania Bakery" & "West Shore Farmers Market"... both great businesses are within a 1/4 mile of us each direction! 

Just call our Lemoyne store, stop in, or email owner, Lauri Fitzpatrick, to ask any questions!  



If you haven't been in to consign lately, all we need is your drivers license!

We consign clothing, jewelry, purses, shoes & more!

Womens regular sizes, plus sizes, petites & maternity!

Trendier casual mens, juniors, tweens, childrens & infants!


We're so proud to have won

"Simply the Best Consignment Clothing Shop"


Thank you to all our LOYAL customers! 





Questions about your Hershey account?

Wears Like New is not in Hershey, however; your account is! JhettSet Closet, Casey Helwig, is continuing on with your exact same account. Since Wears Like New is no longer in Hershey, only in Lemoyne, all questions about the old Hershey location can be emailed DIRECTLY to the owner of Wears Like New, Lauri Fitzpatrick, at: lauri@wearslikenew.com.

Hershey store consignors are welcome to consign in Lemoyne. We'll give you a new account number, but everything else is the same.   

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