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Did you watch "Good Day PA" & see our owner, Lauri Fitzpatrick, donate her long ponytail to HELP KIDS with cancer!"

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Did you see our owner, Lauri Fitzpatrick on 'live' TV get her ponytail cut off for donation to Locks of Love? It was aired on WHTM ABC-27, Monday, January 26, on "Good Day PA" with Amy Kehm!  Ashley Atanasoff, Manager and Stylist from FEVER SALON, gave advise on the TV Show and explained how to prepare hair for donation! Ashley was the Stylist who cut off Lauri's ponytail!  FEVER SALON owner, Ryan McCartney, has always supported hair donation causes and has personally cut off Lauri's ponytails in the past. Fever Salon is a great salon to visit!

They support many organizations that create wigs for children with cancer, and other illnesses. Lauri has donated her hair for over 40 years to various organizations in support of this amazing cause. Join their passion by clicking the links below and learn more. Three organizations are listed. All three organizations listed have slightly different requirements, so read each one carefully to decide which one is best for you. Forms for donation are printable from these web sites.

"Locks of Love” Your ponytail needs to be at least 10" long! Hair can be artificially colored, but not bleached. Ponytail needs to healthy and dry without product in it. Hair must be bound. No loose hair is accepted. Locks of Love cater to children, teens and young adults under 21.

"Wigs For Kids" Your ponytail needs to be at least 12" long. Hair cannot be bleached, chemically treated or colored. Hair must be clean and dry. No grey hair or dreadlocks will be accepted. Bound ponytails only. No loose hair is accepted. Join the encouragement efforts of Wears Like New and "Wigs for Kids" during THON, at the Bryce Jordan Center on the campus of Penn State University, February 22-24, 2015. "Wigs for Kids" will be present on stage during THON; cutting donated ponytails off for kids with cancer. Wears Like New encourages you to participate in this remarkable event." Wigs for Kids" caters to kids under 18 only.

"Pantene Beautiful Lengths" Your ponytail must be at least 8" long. Hair can be colored with semi-permanent dyes, but cannot be bleached. Hair may be straightened before measuring. Hair must be bound. No loose hair is accepted. "Pantene Beautiful Lengths" cater to adults only.

Feel free to email Lauri@wearslikenew.com for information on "how to donate!" Lauri will help you decide which organization is best for you. Lauri will send in your ponytail, or she will email the form and address for you to mail in yourself! All the web sites listed here have forms attached with easy to follow guidelines.

So, if you don't have the right length of ponytail right now...let it grow! No worries! These wonderful organizations will wait! The need for healthy human hair has no time restriction.

FEVER salon will cut your ponytail off & donate it for you free of charge. Please check out their web site for hours to make an appointment with any of their great stylists. www. feversalon.com Just remember, if you need a form contact Lauri@wearslikenew.com and she will email it to you.




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